Thursday, October 20, 2005


Hi!! it is getting colder day by day. Recently, I am happy because my cousin will marry. My cousins are two sisters and one brother. The older sister is 21. She will marry on November. My family and my cousin's family are very close because we live near and we often go somewhere together. Last week, my cousin's family and new husband came to my house and ate dinner. I had seen some photos of husband before, but I met him for the first time. I had heard that he is a good person. So, I was really looked forward to seeing him. At that day, I had pert time job till 9 p.m. After that, I rushed home and went to living room. At the first grance of him, he had smile and greeted me politely. He is very very interesting and funny, and has good sense of humor. Furthermore, he is very gentle. We laughed at almost everything what he said. I felt happy and we talked and ate untill midnight.
My cousins and I are like best friends because we have close relationship when we were baby. When we meet and play outside, we play and run like children. So, my cousin's marriage is a little bit lonely for me. But I am happy because she can meet a great husband like him.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Chihiro's Recovering☆☆☆

Two weeks ago, our classmate, Chihiro had strong stomack ache and she was told by doctor to stay in hospital for about 1 week. When the first day she did not come, no friends had contact with her, because we thought that she would oversleep. As usual, we naturally thought so. But actually she was not. She mailed us that she was suffered by her stomach ache, and in hospital. We were really surprised, shocked, and worried about her. To hear about her illness, the condition seemed not so heavy, and would recover 1 week or so. But for us, 1 week in hospital is very very long. So, we wrote letters for her everyday, and went to see her as possible as we could. One day I got home at night, and talked about Chihiro's condition to my parents. When I imagined that Chihiro was suffered by pain at that time, I bursted into crying in front of my parents. We always think it is natural that our friends are fine today. We tend to forget the feeling of appreciation for being fine. I noticed at that time.
After 10 days of staying in hospital, Chihiro got over and left the hospital. Now, she can eat almost everything that she wants to eat. We are relieved about Chihiro's recovering. Chihiro's illness made me notice that it isn't natural that we are fine today. So I think we sould not forget thank for the people around us.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Recent Favorite Songs♪

Yaaaaaaaaman!!!!! This is the way of greeting in Jamaica. As I said in this blog before, I love REGGAE music!!! When I am listening to reggae music, I am in happy mood. I sometimes go to night spot with my classmates, for example, Mai Ogata. But she does not like reggae music as me. She likes Hip Hop or R&B music, mainly. We always go to night spot where Hip Hop DJ performs, mostly. At first, I did not have any interests in HipHop or R&B music at all. Furthermore, I thought that most Hip Hop music are very similar. But I was effected by her, and thesedays, I come to like not only reggae music but also HipHop or R&B music. In my class, Akiko also likes Hip Hop music, and she has a friend of DJ in this university. His name is DJ yoshikaz. Recently, I borrowed the MDs which made by him. DJs make CDs or MDs by choosing his favorite songs and conbine all songs. I have heard some DJs music, but I like the MDs of him the best now. I like his choice of songs. Music is important for me because music makes my feeling good, so I cannot commute to this school without my walkman.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Our birthday party

Good evening, everyone!! Today is the last posting before summer vacation. I think this semister passed very fast! I am looking forward to spending good summer vacation.
Last week, we held Mai's birthday party. Also, last year, we had birthday party with some people of my class. We have parties always with same members. There are six people in our group. We plan how to surprise the birthday's person. In Mai's birthday party, we invited Mai's favorite persons. One is MC and another person is DJ. Both of them performed in Gaidai Night and they also have many club events. They are Mai's friends, and we often go to the event of them. At the birthday party, when they appeared, Mai bursted into crying because of surprising and moving. When I saw that, I also moved and tear ran my cheeks. That was very good party!

Friday, July 01, 2005


Good afternoon, everyone!!! Today, I will talk about my favorite day in a month. Once a month, we decide a day and we eat dinner with my grandmother, my cousin, my aunt, and my family. We eat always in my house. My mother make many dishes for us and we enjoy eating them and talking. From this spring, I started to make lunch box when I have part time job. That is because I envy my mother's cooking. But there is another reason. Recently, I realize that I depend on my mother too much. I cannot live alone, but I need to be more adult. So, I started to get up early, and makimg lunch. It is sometimes troublesome, but I come to think it is my fault whether I can get up early or not. Still, I am immature, so I will continue trying to do housework from now on.

Friday, June 17, 2005

05/06/11 Gaidai Night

Last Saturday night, I went to night spot named Gaidai Night. Maybe, now that many people in this university know this club event. In show time, we saw a lot of dance of dancers. All dancers are very good at dancing, so we were moving while we were seeing dance. This time, the main DJ was house's DJ. Most house music does not have voice. This mesans that most house music are only melody. I do not know about house well, so I was a little bit afraid whether I can enjoy or not before I go. I went there with some of my class mates, and we were really looking forward to going Gaisai Night. So we had very high tension until morning. We moved our body with musicand sang. When Def Tech's song began, many people were sueprised and excited. We sang the song in one voice. I was moved and narrowly cried because I realized that our feeling are one.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Hi, everyone!! Today, I will introduce you about my recent favorite music. It's REGGAE music!! Untill recently, I have been loved the music which has high speed and high voice like Super Eurobeat or Trance. (These kind of music conteins the sound of synthesizer and high speed. ) I thought that reggae music is the trend of past, but actually, reggae music is famous among young people now. It is said that Reggae music has many genres. Most popular kind is called "roots" and it is slow music. My favorite genre is called"dancehall". Opposite to "roots", it is a little bit faster than "roots", and rhythmic. The reason why I come to like "dancehall reggae" is that I had the chance to listen to reggae music in some night spots. However, I'm interested in reggae music just recent, so I need to know more about reggae. I sometimes go to night spot with some of my friends in this class. I always enjoy dancing and chatting in night spot, because it is far from reality, I feel.